Know Your Dreams by Spiritual & Common Meanings of Colors in Dreams!

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Dreams are sometimes very close to reality. They are actually the reflection of the dreamer's inner world. There is a spiritual meaning of colors in dreams which God or his angels use as a symbol for the message. These symbols and colors in one's dreams are also the reflections of the cultural influence and beliefs of the dreamer as well. The active participation in analyzing our dreams can help get the spiritual meaning of colors in dreams. The dreamer is the only one who truly knows what the dreams mean, and this article will help you explore that what does dreaming in color mean in your life?

Common Meanings of Colors in Dreams

1. Purple

The purple color is often regarded as the royal color. It represents love, kindness, devotion among other healing abilities. It also indicates richness, high ranks, royalty or social power and elitism. If we analyze purple dream psychologically, it shows that the dreamer is becoming aware of himself.

2. White

White color represents cleanliness, purity, and innocence. It also symbolizes a new. beginning or a new awareness. Commonly, white color also refers to clarity, happiness, and peace. In some eastern cultures, however, white color represents death and mourning.

3. Black

Commonly, black color is referred to as something negative. It symbolizes the unconscious, unknown, or some mystery. Sometimes, it can have a positive meaning such as change, possibility, or some hidden potential. On the other hand, the negative aspect includes evil, danger, death, hatred, lack of love or deep depression.

4. Brown

This color represents the earth and the ground. The common meanings of this color include physical, materialistic, domestically or practically. The brown color in dreams means that the dreamer needs to get back to the basics, explore from the very start and become grounded once again. It also points out that the dreamer should look for the root cause. It also represents some negativity like lack of clarity, depression or muddiness.

5. Blue

This is a spiritual color for most of the dreamers. This color mostly represents heaven, truth, peace, tranquility, and intuition. It also represents the sky and the oceans. This is mostly associated with the boys and shows their masculinity as well.

6. Green

The green color represents earth, good health, nature, healing, growth, fertility, and vitality. In dreams, green is associated with the personal growth of the dreamer; it shows the development of the personality and the healing. This is also associated with the traffic lights and is linked with the symbol telling them to take actions. Dark green is also associated with money. Many eastern religions associate green color with achieving peace and natural wisdom.

7. Gold

This color is similar to yellow and silver, and mostly indicates richness in life or the enhancement of true self. The gold color in a dream shows the value of the object you are dreaming. This means the object is very important in your life.

8. Yellow

The context in which this color appears in your dream is very important. It can have both negative and positive meanings. The negative meanings of this color in a dream include cowardice, unpleasant, betrayal, deceit, sickness, and indecisiveness. On the other hand, the positive meaning of this color includes energy, happiness, awareness, positive mood and outlook, harmony and intellectual. Yellow is also connected with the sun. According to the spiritual meaning of colors in dreams, yellow also indicate that the dreamer is trying to please others at the expense of his own happiness and needs. This shows the weakness of the dreamer.

Biblical Meanings of Colors in Dreams

  • White: As per the holy book, the white color in dreams represents holiness and righteousness.
  • Black: This shows the negative emotions, demonic deeds, mystery, death, and sins of the dreamer as per the Bible.
  • Yellow: It shows cowardice, hope, and fear as per the holy book Bible.
  • Purple: Dreaming in this color means authority and royalty in your life.
  • Gold: This color means holiness, glory, and purity. There are some negative meanings of this color which includes defilement.
  • Brown: According to the Bible, this color shows that the dreamer is very humble. There is a negative meaning of this color too which shows that the dreamer always compromise.
  • Green: Green color has positive meanings as per the Bible. This shows the prosperity and growth of the dreamer. The Bible also indicates some negative meanings of green color which includes pride and envy.
  • Blue: This also has both positive and negative meanings as per the Bible. This color shows revelation in the positive sense. The negative meanings of this color include anxiety, sorrow, and depression.
  • Red: This again has both positive and negative meanings as per the Bible. The positive meaning of this color shows the wisdom of the dreamer. The negative meaning of this color is linked to war and anger.
  • Pink: This color represents the love of God. The red color indicates blood and the white indicates the purity. Pink is the combination of these two colors so it indicates moral purity and sensuality as well.

The Final Word

Dreams show our mental and inner state and we can interpret these dreams more deeply by concentrating on the colors in our dreams. You can easily judge your own dreams by reading the common and biblical meanings of different colors in your dreams which are given in this article.

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