7 Ways of Knowing Whether Someone Likes You

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Do you like someone and you do not know how to show it? Does someone like you and you cannot tell? To help you solve your dilemma, there are cues or signs someone likes you that are described by nonverbal and verbal behavior. Behaviors implicit in these two scenarios (both verbal and non-verbal) can indicate whether someone likes you or not. Nonetheless, you can always ask the person directly if he/she likes you, but below are more details about this.

How to Know If Someone Likes You

Here are some of the verbal and nonverbal cues to look out for if someone wants you.

1. Asking questions

Someone will ask you intimate questions if they are interested in you as a way to know you better. They will ask you questions about yourself, what you love, what genre of music you listen to, what inspires you, what your hobbies are and many more. They will be very keen on listening to your answer as if they want to understand you. Do not shy away from these questions and better yet, reciprocate the questions to this person.

2. A light touch

A light touch is one significant sign that someone wants or likes you. Maybe the person will try to close the distance between you two by moving closer or touching hands. Both men and women express light touching differently. Women show their liking by touching the arm of the person they are having a conversation with or moving closer to them. Men express their affection by engaging in a game that includes touching of hands. Light touching should not be confused with an invitation to sex but as an indicator that the person likes you.

3. Inward leaning

Inward leaning is one of the cues of how to tell if someone likes you. Body posture will tell you if someone really likes you or not. If the whole body of the person faces you, the person is attracted to you and when the person's head is only turned towards your direction while having a conversation then the person is less interested in you.

People tend to lean towards people they like or find interesting. For example, if you two are having a conversation, your heads will face each other, shoulders and torsos will turn towards you, and soon their feet will be perpendicular to yours. As a result, both of you will face towards each other.

4. Mirroring

Mirroring is also a way to find out how to know if someone likes you. It refers to when someone is aping your verbal and nonverbal cues. People who tend to like each other mirror body posture or speech patterns. Mirroring is used to test the level of someone's interest; if the person likes you.

When you meet someone who likes you, check if that person is mirroring you. Do they copy your seated or standing posture or do they copy your speech patterns? Do they lean towards you with their entire body? If yes, they certainly like you.

5. Eye contact

Eye contact expresses a lot and is one of the surest ways of how to know if someone likes you. Some people believe making a lot of eye contact with someone is an indicator that you like that person. However, it does not apply to those who are shy. Shy people always find it difficult to make eye contact with people they like.

If someone makes intimate or deep eye contact with you, it is a sign they like you. A hormone (oxytocin) is usually produced when two people make eye contact; this hormone makes people feel as if they are connected or bonded. But note, prolonged eye contact can be regarded as staring which is sometimes rude. Always make a pattern of breaking the gaze so that the other person won't find it impolite.

6. Emotional attentive

People who like you will show compassion when you are with them. They will make the small actions count. For example, they will laugh at your jokes, kiss you on the forehead or cheek, offer their sweater or coat when it is chilly, always engage when you two are talking, give you hugs and holds your hand. Emotional attentiveness shows the person genuinely likes you.

7. Spot the signs

When someone finds another person attractive, one will do anything possible to get to know that person. They will not shy away from starting a conversation, ask for your number, or ask for a date. They will be attentive in your conversation without being easily distracted, always finding reasons to hang-out or keep making positive remarks about you.

Take Home Message

In conclusion, if you wonder how to know if someone likes you, watch their verbal and nonverbal cues. Actions portrayed by that person or what they say to you will tell you all you need to know. If you truly need to know if someone likes you, it's not difficult but requires you to be careful and observant. Pay attention to what they say and do. But remember to be calm; if things do not play out as expected feel free to walk away but peacefully and in a mature way.

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