Signs and Surviving Tips for Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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People get into difficulties when trying to discover their real personalities and being highly sensitive is part of the puzzle. When they do realize they are a highly sensitive person, it gives them an understanding of what they have been struggling with all their life. High sensitivity refers to acute mental, emotional and physical responses to external or internal stimuli. A highly sensitive person (HSP) possesses incredible gifts which include intuitiveness, compassion, empathy, creativity, understanding, etc. However, highly sensitive persons are considered emotional people and can get miscategorized as shy, loners, and introverts. Here are nine signs of highly sensitive persons.

Common Signs of a Highly Sensitive Person

People struggle finding their personality. Whether they are an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert, they still can't relate with external and internal responses. The following signs will help you tell whether you are a sensitive person or not.

1. You feel everything

Things like art, a few lines of a song, a movie scene, or a passage from a book can have a substantial impact on an HSP. These small things trigger a highly sensitive person's emotions. They might not mean something to you, but to an HSP, they might have some impact to the extent of affecting their emotions, and physical response.

2. You cry easily

HSPs are emotional human beings. They cry when they are happy, when sad or overwhelmed with joy because that is the only way they can show their strong emotions. Female HSPs tend to cry more easily than male HSPs.

3. You are very sensitive to sounds

A highly sensitive person often reacts to music and sounds. Some sounds and music can soothe your nerves and others can irritate your nerves such as loud music. Some types of music can calm you down, whereas other types and sounds can make you feel insane.

4. You can always tell when something is wrong

An HSP can sense subtlety. They can strongly intuit that something is wrong even if someone else sees or feels it as okay. They positively react to other people's emotions without judgment. That is why people run to them to have a shoulder to cry on or rather lie on.

5. You have strong negative reactions to negative things

Sensitive people cannot stomach seeing or hearing any violence, cruelty or brutal news - it makes them sick. You find it hard to read about animal cruelty and, brutal crimes, and even struggle to read gruesome books. Likewise, you cannot watch bloody scenes, scary movies or violent programs without getting emotional or upset. Sometimes the violence, the cruelty or the brutality makes you physically sick. Furthermore, getting rid of those gory images from your mind can become difficult.

6. You need to spend plenty of time alone

It does not matter if you are an introvert, extrovert, a people's person or a loner; you always find yourself withdrawing from people. If you love to work alone, travel alone, stay alone, or hang-out alone to calm your hyper-reactive senses, then you are an HSP. An HSP feels comfortable being alone without the feeling of loneliness creeping in.

7. You are incredibly polite

You always say "thank you,” "sorry,” "please” or "may I” when there is a need. You appreciate other people's effort and when you do you genuinely mean it. Sometimes you say these words to be liked or fit in, and other times you do not want to be seen as rude and arrogant.

8. You startle easily

You hate surprises; they can give you a heart attack. You hate it when people come unannounced or scare you. Things like pranks might upset you. If you like your personal space and feel that it should be respected more, that means you are portraying signs of an HSP.

How to Live Happily as a Highly Sensitive Person

Sometimes HSPs are considered as "overly sensitive” or "too emotional.” In such circumstances, you try fixing yourself, but the truth is, that's your nature, and you cannot escape it. You need to embrace it.

  • Regard your sensitivities as a gift

An HSP should embrace who they are because it is not a disorder but a personality. HSPs are gifted persons - they have many positive qualities such as empathy, creativity, loyal, being meticulous and appreciate the arts. Be happy with who you are.

  • Don't force yourself to fit in

You have a great gift, and you do not need other people's approval to fit in. As an HSP, you find yourself wanting to fit in a particular group other than them fitting in with you. This is especially true at social gatherings when you find yourself hiding your true nature. You would be surprised what people see when you show them the real you.

  • Plan in decompression time

HSPs are quite overwhelmed with deadlines, high-pressure environments, crowded places, noisy places, and tight schedules. If you find yourself in such situations, find a quiet place and time to lower your stimulation level. A sensitive person needs to decompress to avoid being stressed out.

  • Have at least one quiet room or space

After a busy day with work, family, and friends, you hardly find time for yourself. If you are not careful, the hectic lifestyle can take its toll on you. Therefore create time and space for yourself. You can decide to have your quiet moment in the shower, in the bedroom, or by taking an evening walk or run in the park.

  • Give yourself time and space to get things done

HSPs don't like working in high-pressure or challenging environments. If you find yourself in a challenging environment, try changing your schedule. For instance, if you find yourself busy and find it hard to get things done in the morning, try waking up an hour earlier. This will help you complete your morning routine and getting things done.

  • Surround yourself with beauty and nature

Any forms of artistic expression, beautiful music, rich scents, and excellent meals have a substantial impact on a highly sensitive person. Surround yourself with artistic expression within the space around you. You can decide to decorate your home with beautiful artifacts or taking a walk in nature as many times you want.

Take Home Message

In summary, although HSPs have a fair share of challenges and strengths, they should know it is okay to be sensitive. The above information is only for reference. Doctor's advice is vital if necessary. If you are still wondering about whether you are a highly sensitive person, take the test online.

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