Signs Your Relationship Is over and How to Accept It

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True love exists, but not all relationships can last forever. A time might come when you will be wondering "is my relationship over?” This is the time to re-evaluate and figure out what you want for your romantic future. Do you hesitate to end a relationship? Uncertainty can be due to financial reasons, the guilt of hurting someone or fear of being alone. These are the things that make you choose to stay in the relationship long after the emotional and physical connection has ended. Other times you may think the current relationship is better than being alone. If any of the following points sound familiar, it's a good sign your relationship is ending.

Signs That Tell You When Your Relationship Is Over

You or someone close to you may be going through a relationship crisis. In an attempt to help, you might be curious about how do you know when a relationship is over? Below are tips to tell you a particular relationship is coming to an end.

1. You are both unhappy

Happiness is one reason why you want a partner by your side. All couples at some point go through job, kids, distance, friends, and family pressurizing moments. Trouble starts when both of you become emotionally abusive in one way or the other. You cannot settle matters together and agree with each other. When you raise issues or needs with your partner, their normal response is ignorance, telling lies or refusing to modify their behavior. At the end of it all, you will feel your relationship is not bringing you the happiness you need. If this happens, then your relationship is on the verge of ending.

2. You blame each other a lot

If neither of you trusts the other, a toxic environment of resentment builds up. Such issues result in endless conflicts over simple matters. It happens that neither of you seems to, or wants to, accept blame for why something is not right. Remember, accepting blame will help in working towards improving your relationship. If you cannot negotiate on things but keep on placing the blame on the other, then your relationship might be irreparable. It's better to let it go.

3. You don't express affection anymore

Love means finding someone with whom you can feel strong affection, like, want or miss when he or she is absent. Feelings of affection can be shown through verbal or physical actions. If you stop touching each other affectionately or saying those sweet loving words to make each other happy, it means your feelings and impulses are no longer there. That's a clear indication something is wrong, or you want a breakup.

4. You are always thinking about ending it

Do you find yourself always thinking about ending the relationship? If yes, you know your heart is not into it, but you still have not brought yourself to do the actual breakup. You may find yourself conflicted when you start to consider the pros and cons, your emotions, and feelings on your relationship. In this case, you do not even find reasons to why you are still holding on. Subconsciously you already know it's over, so make it real.

5. The sex is not what you want or need

New couples have more sex than those in a long-standing relationship. But some people might not be interested in prioritizing sex while others are profoundly sexual people. If you are wondering how do you know when a relationship is over, decreased sexual activity can be a sign. Note, if you ignore sex drive and want issues, cheating might result, which is a signal that it is over.

6. You feel alone even when your lover is around

If you start to feel distant from your partner, yet he/she is just next to you, then you are no longer emotionally connected. It means that a part of you is not invested in the relationship at all. It is essential to express your feelings to your partner because you deserve someone whom you want to be with. If you get lonely, have nothing to talk about, have no jokes to crack, getting bored when they are around you - these are signs to tell you something is not right.

7. You are avoiding future commitments

People in love often talk about their future. If you avoid future commitments like joint investments, getting engaged, planning on when to visit both parents or talking of how your love life will be in days or years to come, then you are not into that relationship; call it quits.

Best Tips for You to Accept That a Relationship Is Over

Accepting a relationship is ending is not easy. Below are some tips to help you get to terms with the breakup reality.

  • Grieve

It is normal to feel hurt, remorse, guilt or shame when you have worked hard to make a relationship work, and it fails. You have to reconcile your heartbreak. Let yourself grieve after the end of a relationship before you get into a fresh one.

  • Forgive

One way to let it go faster is by forgiving. Forgive yourself and then proceed to forgive your ex-lover for everything that happened. You can do that easily by appreciating the lessons and good things they taught you.

  • Cut the contact

It is helpful if you learn not to talk your ex-lover on social media. Making contact acts as a constant reminder about all the good and bad times you had with him or her. This can make you think about them frequently hence hurting yourself more.

  • Find someone else to talk to

The easiest way to cure a breakup is by talking to someone who gives you their attention. Talk about it to someone who will support you to accept the situation. Through doing that you will get some encouragement and a confidence boost in the decision you made or are about to make.

  • Look ahead

For a couple to break up, both of them will have played a role in whatever it was that caused the breakup. It is wise to think about what you would do differently in a new relationship. No matter how you choose to cope with the emotions that come about with a breakup, it is essential to know that you will get through it; somewhere you will be strong, confident, and enjoy falling in love again.

The Final Word

In summary, this article guides you to an answer on the question, how do you know when a relationship is over and how to accept it and move on. By following them, you will be able to tell whether it's time to end a relationship or not. But before calling it off, talk to your partner first and see if you can repair your relationship.

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